What’s on in Amsterdam? October week #1

What’s on in Amsterdam? October week #1

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Amsterdam, October 4th - 6th

October doesn’t always have the best associations. Friends getting irritable as they try to stop smoking, riding your bike through lakes resident on the cycle path, and being somehow damp, cold, and sweaty all at the same time. But fret not! October brings with it new opportunities. First, it’s the month in which the highest proportion of relationships begin. With halloween just around the corner, it can also be safely be described as the spookiest month, as well as being National Dental Hygiene month in the States. Okay, so that one isn’t quite so much fun… Anyway, check out what’s in October in Amsterdam week #1. 

Stay spooky, get hitched, and keep those teeth shining!

Vondelbunker Festival

Vondelbunker festival poster
  • All weekend!
  • Free! (donations appreciated)
  • West

As ever, this community run non-profit space are supplying an eclectic range this weekend. Of course, there’s plenty of music and dancing, but most people agree a whole weekend doing just that would perhaps get a little wearing (unless your did your survey at De School).

Talks and workshops are happening in the later morning/early afternoon of Saturday. Think: extinction rebellion, yoga, and cartoons. Later on there’s a movie night. The rest is pretty much music, showcasing everything from psychedelic grunge to stoner garage. 

The best part is that this volunteer-run organisation is entirely free, so you can dip in and see what’s happening without checking the agenda. But donations to this awesome project are encouraged if you can afford it.

CAMERA JAPAN Festival 2019 @ Kriterion

Japanese cartoon
  • Thursday - Monday
  • Free exhibition, films €10-20
  • Centrum

Kriterion is hosting this year’s Amsterdam edition of the Japan film festival. They have scoured all corners of the thriving cinema culture of Japan and bring you a selection of the best contemporary pieces. This includes a mix of major releases, underground masterpieces, comedy, horror, drama, action, and anime. 

Entrance to the festival is free – so you can be part of the 8000 strong attendance and check out displays of visual art, music, dance, fashion, architecture, and food. But make sure you book any films you’d like to see in advance! Tickets are around €10-20. You can see the whole programme here.

NDSM Art exhibition opening - UNDER KUNSTruction

NDSM art exhibition poster
  • Friday 18 - 23:30
  • Free!
  • Noord

NDSM has always been a place for artists to break down borders and come together to create. This Friday, a new exhibition is opening to showcase just that. It is easy to feel art is something we hold at arms length – a world we enter temporarily and then withdraw from, back into our own lives.

But here is an open playground for the artists to share their work with us, to change that sense of separation, and to give the audience insight into the atmosphere of their collective. Visitors are encouraged to take part in the creation of these big-art pieces.

It’s organised by Pantitlán, a Mexican-Dutch art collective which means ‘between two flags’. It is a ‘place where people mingle, exchange, get twisted, get together, and get transformed’. It brings you ‘water of the gods, the mezcal, the spirit that doesn’t get you drunk but gets you magical.’

Worth checking out and adding your voice, your hands, and your flag to the art world of Amsterdam.

Clean your butts! The big cigarette pickup

  • Saturday 13:00 - 17:00
  • Free!
  • Oud-Zuid

Every year around 10 million kilos of cigarette butts ends up on the ground. 20% of these evade even the beadiest eyes of litter pickers. That’s 2 million kg of tarry plasticy rubbish working its way into ecosystems, and taking a full 12 years to disappear. 

This cleanup operation is getting together on Museumplein. Everybody meets at 13:00 for a briefing and divisions into groups. The next few hours are spent scurrying round looking for those tricksy little butts, before convening back at Museumplein for the grand counting and group picture. 

Hats off to anyone who spends their Saturday afternoon making this wonderful city even more beautiful and a little cleaner for its inhabitants – animal or human.

Run and Brunch Oosterpark

  • Sunday 10:30 - 13:00
  • 11-17 (for brunch)
  • Oost

Whilst we start the weekeng with the best intentions, all too often vice prevails. That splitting hangover pushes the prospect of a run, a swim, or a gym session out the back of our mind and off to some distant corner of the North Sea. 

Here’s just the thing. This group run starts at a reasonable hour and comes combined with the second best hangover cure – a big hearty brunch. Signing up is free (and so is the run). You’ve just got to pay for your brunch. Make sure you sign up to ensure there will be space for you at the cafe. Plus that will also help you out with motivation to go and join in the first place. 

There’s the option to do either a 5k or a 10k (at a nice friendly pace). Meeting point is the Generator in Oosterpark (also the brunch spot). If you’re a little lazy (and very sneaky) you could always just join for the brunch part!

Upcycle Cafe @ De School

Upcycle Cafe De School
  • Sunday 11:00 - 17:00
  • Free!
  • West

We’re all waking up to the consequences of unsustainable clothing manufacture. Here’s an opportunity to give a little break to the environment, to your wallet, and to the people making your clothes.

De School are giving you the chance to bring along your damaged items and learn how to repair them yourself. De Steek and Rambler Studios provide the materials and guidance to stitch buttons, patch holes, hem frays, and even redesign your old favourites. Every time you damage something, you add value to it. That item gains a story and becomes intertwined with your own experience. When you repair it, you retain that story whilst rejuvenating the item that has sheltered you. It’s satisfying, sustainable, and fashionable.

Rambler tap into this by spotting ambitious Amsterdam creatives and training them up as apprentices in the (sustainable) fashion industry. You should also check out the creations from Bo Doir, which give vintage silk scarves a new chapter in their history on the front of sweaters. You can choose a scarf and they’ll stitch it on to a jumper for you for a special price of €55. You can check out their work here.

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