What’s on in Amsterdam? October week #4

What’s on in Amsterdam? October week #4

Amsterdam, October 25th-27th

We’ve had Amsterdam Marathon and ADE, and now all has gone quiet. The 400,000 odd visitors have gone, and we are left to up the pieces and reassemble our bodies and minds following the most strenuous weekend in the year. Which is why this week is all about relaxation! Even the sports we’ve got for you can be enjoyed with a thimble of Ricard and little more than a flick of the wrist. Read on to find out what’s on in Amsterdam in October week #4. 

DICE Launch Party

Dice launch party flyer, red with cartoon dice walking and text
  • Friday 20:00 - 04:00
  • Free before 22:00
  • Oost

We roll the dice every day – when we cycle to work, order the treacherous third beer, or decide to tell that joke that might not go down too well. But outside a casino, rarely does a dice roll appeal so directly to the wallet. A collective of musicians and entrepreneurs have got together to produce something special out in Oosterpark. Part social gathering, part club night, DICE begins with open decks for bedroom DJs to showcase their sound on a proper stage. Get there early for free entry, or roll the dice and pay the price. You have been warned! 

Laser Gaming

  • Saturday 19:00 - 22:00
  • Free!
  • Oost

It’s probably been long enough since the end of the nineties for laser tag to take on a nostalgic quality in the minds of millennials. Personally I’ve never been able to grasp the scoring system – although that’s perhaps borne out of resentment at being in negative figures at my own 10th birthday party. Regardless, it’s a great way to get your feet moving and enjoy drinks and DJs at The Student Hotel in advance of Saturday night. 

Flirt while you fight, and get wide eyed as you expose your eyes to laser radiation. What’s not to love?

(Free) tickets here.

Hero Dogs Halloween Tour

  • Saturday 15:30 - 21:30
  • Free!
  • Amstelveen

This halloween weekend, dogs will light the way. They forge ahead through the forest with luminous collars, leading their owners through the deep woods. More than that, the lights around their necks serve as a reminder that we can all do our bit for those less advantaged than us. 

These are no ordinary dogs. They have specially asked their owners to enrol them in a sponsorship programme to raise money for the training of guide dogs. You can sign them up here and then do your best to reach the sponsorship target of €50. 

The meeting takes place at Amsterdamse Bos Arena at 15:30, for the start of a 5k walk. 

Collars off to them!

Sunday Pétanque & Ricard

  • Sunday 14:00 - 19:30
  • 5
  • Oost

Anyone got massive metal balls? Not a problem! They supply them here for free. Mooie Boules is hosting a Pétanque tournament this Sunday. 32 teams are getting together to decide who is the best at throwing a large ball closest to a slightly smaller ball. Accompaniments of Ricard in nice little glasses make this more of a trip into Frenchness than a baguette eating competition atop the Eiffel Tower. 

All you need to do is assemble a group of yourself and two of your most dextrous friends, come up with a typical French team name – Charles de Boules? – and contact the organisers at frenchafterworkamsterdam@gmail.com. Simple.

Bonne chance!

Gypsy Jazz @ De Ceuvel

  • Sunday 20:30 - 22:00
  • Free!
  • Noord

It’s been a long summer without any Jazz at De Ceuvel. In the last few weeks they’ve hosted the departure of their carbon neutral ship project, and the aftermath of the Climate Strike in the Hague and Amsterdam. But now, the jazz is back! Hitch up your caravan, and crack open the Poitin. It’s going to be an evening with the gypsies. 

Your Sunday will slip by to the sounds of Feigeli Prisor, who mastered the guitar in the quiet of the woods around his family home. He is joined by Sendelo Schäfer on rhythm guitar, the voice of Irene Ypenburg, Govert Veltkamp and his double bass, and Wattie Rosenberg on her somewhat smaller violin. Free entry, all welcome!


AmsterJam @ Noorderlicht

AmsterJam Poster
  • Sunday 17:00 - 23:00
  • Free!
  • NDSM

Every Sunday after the IJ-Hallen Market (which, by the way, is indeed running this weekend), Noorderlicht opens its doors to the influx of happy shoppers. Perhaps it’s because they’re so well dressed after a couple hours cruising the vintage stalls in NDSM, or perhaps it’s the easy pickings of antique furniture left in the cloak room. Any which way, butter up your toast because this Sunday it’s AmsterJam!

Into the large hours of the evening, music drifts from the Noorderlicht stage and floats off over the IJ. This is a crucible of musical genre, and a playground for artists to come, meet, and create. Whether you’re just coming to let the lovely waves wash over you, or to jump up on stage and join in, take yourself down to NDSM this Sunday to put a last little cherry on your weekend. 


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