What’s on in Amsterdam? November week #3

What’s on in Amsterdam? November week #3

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Amsterdam, November 15th - 17th

It’s beginning to look a lot like the third weekend in November. Which by today’s standards is more or less equivalent to Christmas. Mariah is steadily populating every radio station, the seasonably dark days are being lit up in glittery neon, and Sinterklaas and Piet are popping up from every corner. We’ll be adding our voice to the mix with a couple of festive activities whilst remaining resolutely grounded in the rainy mess of mid-Autumn. See what’s on in Amsterdam in November week #2 and stay vrolijk with these fun events! 

Skating @ Museumplein

Skating @ Museumplein
  • Saturday from 10:00
  • 6 (+6 skate rental)
  • Oud-Zuid

Get your skates on! Because it’s going to be a busy weekend for the reopening of the most iconic ice rink in Amsterdam. Whether you’re a waddling penguin or a slick Steve on skates, this is a guaranteed way to pick up some pre-Christmas cheer and some festively coloured bruises.

Alternatively you can let your group take to the ice while you huddle under the heaters in company of Glühwein – a less treacherous and much warmer friend. Book here.

Cheese Fondue Weekend

  • Friday - Sunday, 18:00 - 22:00
  • 14.50
  • Oost

We’ve now passed the point when the limit to excessive cheese consumption has been lifted. An arbitrary point, but with the plummeting mercury, the third weekend of November seems an apt time. Take yourself down to De Groene Olifant and top up on the ingredients for your very own internal winter blanket. 

Be sure to have a nice sofa easily accessible as you won’t fancy a great deal of movement afterwards. Book by emailing them at this address: info@degroeneolifant.nl

Free Mindful Yoga

Woman doing yoga on a matt downward dog
  • Friday 08:00-08:45
  • Free!
  • Oost

There’s no such thing a free lunch. But apparently the rule doesn’t extend to yoga. You’ll enjoy a 45 minute session at The Student Hotel, including matts and herbal tea, completely free of charge. Don’t ask questions. Just take yourself there Friday morning and enjoy a good stretch before work and get your mind clear and fresh before you spend the rest of your day huddled behind a computer typing words and saying stuff.

(Very) Cold Water Swimming

  • Saturday 11:00
  • Free!
  • Noord

At least this guy looks happy! Although thats likely for one of two reasons: i) he’s exiting the water, ii) he’s gone delirious from the cold and was subsequently taken to a specialist hospital in Zurich.

Nevertheless, this will give you a short sharp shock to your Saturday morning, and give you a nice little story to regurgitate and refine to every friend you see separately. Budding Wim Hofs should go to De Ceuvel and bring a towel, warm clothes to change into, and wear their swimmers underneath their outdoor things.

It’s good for health, for skin, and for machismo. Enjoy some hot food in the cosy Cafe de Ceuvel afterwards.


Noiser poster, black words on pink background
  • Saturday 16:15 - 18:30
  • Free!
  • West

‘Noiserr is a series of reading and research groups on Noise…’ It’s part discussion, part listen-in, part watch, part silence. Bring your ideas or just yourself. Expect unusual sounds and films and be prepared to cast the net wide and open your mind to the unexpected. 

This week Alfonso Lievano, a Mexican-based sound artist, will be bringing his insights to the table and playing afterwards. You can check out his bandcamp here.

Beer Pong Tournament

Beer pong tournament
  • Sunday 15:00 - 18:00
  • 5
  • West

Despite the quantity of our friends from across the pond living in Amsterdam, the city is pretty thin on the ground with the national sport of frat boys. If you can throwing a ball into a cup and downing a beer a sport… 

Cafe Parck and AD are hosting a beer pong tournament this Sunday. Source yourself some hair of the dog and get your hand-eye-coordination back on track. Friendly vibes all round, and you can win yourself €50 and a pitcher of beer. Plus the bar owner seems to enjoy bringing round Jager shots every so often. As if that’s what you need on Sunday afternoon…

Sign up here.

Fried Chicken and Biscuits Brunch

  • Sunday 11:30 - 15:00
  • Oud-West

Any words will inevitably fall flat below a plate looking like that, so I will omit to review the food. They’ve also got Bloody Marys and Mimosas, as well as coffee supplied by Lot 61. It gets pretty busy so it’s possible to reserve your spot via facebook messenger – page here – so you’re guaranteed some crunch when the sun comes up. 

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