What’s on in Amsterdam? November week #2

What’s on in Amsterdam? November week #2

Amsterdam, November 8th - 10th

Swaddle yourself in a blanket of friends not feathers, lay atop a bed of music not foam, and feast your eyes on the creations of modern masters not whatever Netflix are forcing on you this weekend. Now is the time to be out and about. See what’s on in Amsterdam in November week #2 and stave of November blues with these fun and free events!

Sexyland screening & afters

sexyland poster
  • Friday 19:00 - 03:00
  • 2.5 (one month membership)
  • NDSM

In keeping with their focus on democratising showcase and entertainment, Sexyland are hosting a night of amateur and semi-pro film screenings. You can come by from 19:00 and check out the work of 6 talented young film makers. 

When the dust has settled on the standing ovations, there are performances and DJs playing until the wee hours, and of course plenty of drinks to keep you trundling along. Entry is free, but you need to pay €2.50 for your Sexyland membership.

Gabs' rnb and hip hop @ Radio Radio

  • Friday 20:00 - 03:00
  • Free!
  • West

Combining Ghanaian parentage, an upbringing in the Bronx, and a home in Berlin, Gabrielle Kwarteng has built up of the most impressively eclectic ranges. You can hear the likes of the Kuti family one moment, post-modern Japanese funk the next, all sitting behind a background of Middle-Eastern electro, held together (somehow) by her grasp of genre and attention to the minutiae of musical structure. No surprises that she won the Mixcloud eclectic award for her Lot Radio residency.

Be prepared for anything and everything, in any order, in any direction. Check out some of her stuff here. 

Radio Radio free as usual. 

Kickboxing Training Sesh

Kickboxer hitting a bag
  • Saturday 15:15 - 16:15
  • Free!
  • West

Despite Amsterdam being routinely ranked as one of the safest cities in the world, it’s no bad thing having a few tricks up your sleeve when it comes to late night wanders.

Expert martial arts and yoga coach Puck hosts a free training session every Saturday. You’re welcome whether a total beginner or hardened veteran. If it’s your first time, he’ll pair you up with someone more experienced so you can get a little extra feedback on your punches, kicks and combos. The training is tough but manageable. Macho attitude is not appreciated here!

All equipment and instruction is provided. The sessions work on a donation basis – so give what you can and what you think it’s worth. Head along to the venue and ask at reception for Puck’s class and they’ll show you where to go. 

No one’s gonna want to mess with you after a few weeks training here!

Modern Masters @ GO Gallery Opening

Cartoon Rembrandt on backdrop of the city
  • Saturday 17:00 - 20:00
  • Free!
  • Oud-West

It can get a little overwhelming being surrounded by the likes of Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Van Gogh. It can also blinker us away from the extraordinary art being produced today. 

Marnixstraat’s GO Gallery is opening their new exhibition to counter just that. A collection of some of the most innovative and exciting works being produced by living artists. 

All are for sale – although you’ll need to request the price list separately (which can be a scary sign!).

Free Yoga!

woman doing yoga
  • Sunday 09:00 - 19:00
  • Free!
  • Oost

If you’re filled with a mixture of envy and pity when you doze beneath the duvet as your housemate leaves for Sunday morning yoga, you’re not alone. This inevitably shifts to downright irritation when they return looking fresh and happy as you mope around the house wondering what exactly happened the previous night. 

Fortunately, to celebrate the reopening of Heldhaftig Yoga, there’s a full 10 hours of free sessions running this Sunday. These guided sessions are appropriate for all abilities, but having some experience is worthwhile. 

The schedule is as follows:

9 – 9:50 Vinyasa
10 – 10:50 Power Yoga
11 – 11:50 Strength & Yin
12 – 12:50 Arm Balances Workshop
13 – 13:50 Vinyasa
14 – 14:50 Power Yoga
15 – 15:50 Strength & Yin
16 – 16:50 Inversions Workshop
17 – 17:50 Power Yoga
18 – 19:00 Strength & Yin + Mediation

You are welcome to walk in, but be aware full = full. Best way to reserve your spot is to swing by the studio and fill out a flyer sign up. 

Enjoy a smug Sunday!

Beer Pong Tournament

Beer pong tournament
  • Sunday 15:00 - 18:00
  • 5
  • West

Despite the quantity of our friends from across the pond living in Amsterdam, the city is pretty thin on the ground with the national sport of frat boys. If you can throwing a ball into a cup and downing a beer a sport… 

Cafe Parck and AD are hosting a beer pong tournament this Sunday. Source yourself some hair of the dog and get your hand-eye-coordination back on track. Friendly vibes all round, and you can win yourself €50 and a pitcher of beer. Plus the bar owner seems to enjoy bringing round Jager shots every so often. As if that’s what you need on Sunday afternoon…

Sign up here.

Soulful Sunday @ Hannekes Boom

Fiets DJ Marcel
  • Sunday 15:30 - 17:30
  • Free!
  • Centrum

The burning question on everyone’s mind: how much fake tan do you need to get your face oranger than your shirt? Alas, this can only be answered by taking yourself down to Hannekes this Sunday. Funk, blues, rock and roll, and soul. This will cleanse you of any earsplitting techno you had to en(joy/dure) the previous night. And this is exactly what bike DJ Marcel is spinning before your eyes. 

Hannekes provide you with a lovely spot by the water, and quality food. Soak up the good vibes and meet the end of the weekend with a sturdy heart. 

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