What’s on in Amsterdam? February week #2

What’s on in Amsterdam? February week #2

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Amsterdam, February 7th - 9th

It’s not the apocalypse just yet, which is certainly something to hold on to. Plus, these days are reminding us that summer exists in some distant reality.  Use that latent optimism to get out there and try something new! Find out what’s on in Amsterdam this weekend.

Couples Beer Tasting

  • Friday 17:30 - 23:30
  • 9 + your dinner
  • Centrum

Previously, those in relationships were allowed to revel in and publicise that fact shamelessly for a mere day. Now, it seems, a whole week can scarcely contain the reflected glory of St Valentine’s Day. Apparently the festivities begin tomorrow. So if you have a significant other, you can take yourselves down to De Biertuin on Prinsengracht and sample a range of beers together, and toast in 7 days of happy lead up to the annual singles shaming festival. 

You are invited to dinner beforehand at Trattoria Fantasia at 17:30, or can just drop in for the beer at 19:30. Sort out the reservations part here

Art + Cocktails

  • Friday 21:00 - 03:00
  • Free!
  • De Pijp

What a combination. Art gains a new dimension when you’re swaying gently from side to side. Come and enjoy a cocktail and some eye candy at the opening of Yves Abbink’s new exhibition. Canvases strewn with a thousand brush strokes, mind-bending yoking of the conceptual and the real, and a chance to meet the artist himself. 

Find your free tickets here.

Funkyard Soundsystem @ Checkpoint Charlie

checkpoint charlie funkyard
  • Saturday 21:00 - 03:00
  • Free!
  • West

Checkpoint Charlie is the epitome of a cosy, quirky, characterful cafe. Once a month, they host a night devoted to music that will get you moving. It’s a welcoming spot with a good selection of beer whether you want to hang out with some friends or grind to the best of 90s hip hop. 

Free entry, and remember your papers when heading to the east wing.

Het Weekend @ De School

Het weekend De school
  • Saturday 23:00 - Monday morning
  • 20
  • West

These don’t happen every weekend. But they certainly happen all weekend. And live with you well into the week after. So if you want bang for your buck (perhaps literally), this is a good bet. It’s an entry into a dark pit of writhing bodies made of more sweat and leather than hair and clothing, and hammering beats for many many many hours. Every morning the basement section closes to allow the men in hazmat suits to descend the stairs and hose out the detritus of the preceding hours, as the wide eyed patrons vie to stay out of a narrow shard of sunlight arcing down from the window. 

Whatever your taste, this is the closest you’ll get to Berlin nights in Amsterdam. Enjoy. Beware.

Rugby at the Pub

rugby at the pub
  • Saturday - Sunday
  • Depends how much you drink...
  • Centrum

For those who don’t know, international rugby is a lovely opportunity to watch people getting beaten up on live television. Join the fray between England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, and Italy, add a lively pub to the mix and you’ll be kept entertained.

All games on at O’Reilly’s pub. 

Ireland – Wales, Saturday 15:15

Scotland – England , Saturday 17:45

France – Italy, Sunday 16:00

Free Kickboxing Training

  • Sunday 18:30 - 19:45
  • Free!
  • Centrum

For those who want a short, sharp, and sweet training session in a supportive environment, Puck’s Sunday Kickboxing class is for you. You train hard, but it’s over quickly. You’ll get time to practice the basic kicks and combos and gradually build up your skills if you go again. It’s barefoot, in a gym, with bags and gloves provided. Worth bringing hand wraps if you have any.

The training is free but donations are greatly appreciated to cover cost of equipment and the gym.

More info here.

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