What’s on in Amsterdam? July, weekend #4

What’s on in Amsterdam? July, weekend #4

Amsterdam 26th - 28th July

As we move towards the last weekend of July, the mercury reaches staggering levels and the city migrates outdoors. Where the storms and clouds sent us running for cover, the sun draws us to parks and beaches and canal-side terraces. We soak up the warmth and light and all the good vibes that go with it. This opens up so many possibilities for new and unusual things to explore. Read on to discover what’s on this weekend in Amsterdam and get inspiration for the best ways to spice up your saturday and sunday with some silly sunny suggestions.

Dine and Dance - Feeling Friday

Pllek, the beach, with campfires and candles
  • Friday 17 - 03
  • Free!
  • Noord

Everybody’s favourite urban beach are hosting their special Friday program once again. Dinner and drinks from 17, and then the tables start to get moved away at around half 22. Be sure to be done with dinner by then to avoid having to negotiate feet dancing around your plate as you try to finish your meal… The food isn’t the cheapest, but no compromise is made on the quality of flavour or the sustainability of supply. Plus, the old industry of NDSM and the IJ stretching out beyond the beach make this one of the sexiest locations in Amsterdam. 

Rembrandt Remastered

Rembrandt Remastered Promotional Art
  • Saturday 16 - 21
  • Free!
  • Centrum

In celebration of the 350th anniversary of Rembrandt’s death (rather a strange thing to celebrate but heigh ho), there’s a lot of Rembrandt, art, self-portrait-y sort of events going on. Here’s a sightly different take on things. At Antiek Tattoo, the last known home of the artist, there will be a fusion between to largely disconnected regions of the art world: between fine art and tattooing. The exhibition goes on throughout the afternoon, into the evening, and features artists’ own versions of the self portrait with two circles.

The Big Indoor Market

The Big Indoor Market Promotional Poster
  • Saturday 12 - 18
  • Free!
  • Bijlmer

It’s rather a market-y weekend for some reason (see below…), but this one happening down in Bijlmer has a new slant. 15 groups of entrepreneurs are showcasing their ideas and creations to the public. It’s a great way to find out more about starting something up and getting inspiration for how you could put idea of yours into action. Oh, and there will be food!  

Seafood Festival Amsterdam

Sea Food Festival
  • Saturday & Sunday 13 - 21
  • Free!
  • Zuidoost

Dok Amsterdam have been bringing us more variety of high quality events than anyone could have expected. Their seafood festival this weekend promises to be no different. Fittingly positioned on the sand by the water, stands will be doling out crab, lobster, sea bass, sushi, and special gin and tonics. There’ll be a DJ and live sax (bet you read that wrong), and plenty of places to relax in the shade and feel sand beneath your feet. 

IJ-Hallen Market

IJ Hallen Market with furniture and other items for sale in front of a car
  • Saturday & Sunday 09 - 16:30
  • 5 for adults, 2 for kids
  • Noord

Once every three weeks, the broad expanse of concrete outside NDSM’s IJ-Hallen hosts one of the biggest markets in Europe. It is striking both for the backdrop of graffiti and the remnants of heavy industry, as it is for the sheer range of things you can buy here. Furniture, vintage clothing, art, food… You can get things at a fraction of the price of a shop, practice your bartering skills, and get hold of some unique items. All the while, you’re helping to promote sustainability.

Bottomless Brunch

Bottomless Brunch Promo
  • Sunday 12:30 - 16:30
  • €35
  • Centrum

This Sunday (and the one after that), the INK hotel is gaining a P to celebrate the start of PRIDE. Their PINK brunch includes one sweet and one savoury dish, a cocktail, and unlimited bubbles… That means the more you drink the better value your bill gets. Putting the economics of the situation to one side, it’ll be well worth seeing off your hangover here, and ushering in one of Amsterdam’s biggest city-wide events with a raised glass and blurry vision.

Jazz at the Plantage

Hermitage Garden in the sun with trees
  • Saturday 16
  • Free!
  • Centrum

This Saturday, the Hermitage is jazzifying its garden. For the sum of precisely €0, you are welcomed to this gorgeous green space in one of Amsterdam’s most famous landmarks to enjoy the sounds of Alba Careta Quartet. 

The Hateful Eight

The Hateful Eight Film Poster
  • Sunday 15:30
  • 11
  • Noord

Feeling hateful? Neither are we. Still, Sunday afternoons are the ideal window to fit in a three-hour Tarrantino and his recent penchant for the Wild West. Plus, at the Eye Filmmuseum, this comes before you in 70mm  so you can see every little detail, beyond the director’s love of HD blood spatters and you can pretend you’re entering a space ship when you walk into the museum to liven up your day.

Kenny B & Amartey @Vondelpark Openair Theatre

Vondelpark Open Air Theatre at Night
  • Sunday 15 - 18
  • Free!
  • Oud-West

Whilst performances run throughout July and August at Vondelpark’s magnificent openair threatre, this Sunday’s promises to be something special. Amartey hails from Bijlmer but wears his Ghanaian roots with pride. He brings us a mixture of reggae, soul, and afropop. He’ll be there alongside Kenny B has already reached fame with a number one in Suriname. His uniqueness stems in part from the four languages he sings in and the various cultures they are associated with. This public event is free, but it’s worth getting there early if you want to have a view of the stage.

That’s all for this week folks! Keep up the slog and have a wonderful weekend when it arrives. Love from all of us at Authentic Days.

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