What’s on in Amsterdam? July, weekend #3

What’s on in Amsterdam? July, weekend #3

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Amsterdam 19th - 21st July

We all need something to keep us going through the midweek blues. Fortunately, Amsterdam is never dull – besides the grey skies we’re coming to associate with Dutch summer. For those scrabbling for something to do, looking for some quirky date ideas, or keen to meet new friends with similarly niche interests, here’s our selection of the weird and wonderful events going on in our favourite city this weekend. Read on to find out what’s on this weekend in Amsterdam.

Vintage per kilo

Vintage per Kilo advert
  • Saturday 11 - 17
  • Free!
  • Centrum (West)

Few events kill so many birds with so few stones. You can buy high quality, hand-picked clothing for only €18 per kilo. You buy vintage items of which you will likely be the only one in possession. You promote sustainability by taking the pressure off our constant demand for new products. So head down to the Haarlemmerstraat this Saturday, and leave feeling stylish and a little bit smug.

Rolling Blockparty

Brightly coloured cartoon rollerskate with information about the Rolling Blockparty event
  • Sunday 12 - 20
  • Free!
  • Oost

You might well have caught a glimpse of these guys. Every few weeks, they set foot to wheel and roll around the city in an armada big enough to invade a small country. Rollerblade, skateboards, rollerskates, BMX are all welcome – that’s just how they roll. Entrance is free and there will be DJs, food, and drinks at muziekoepel in Oosterpark.

Museum Market

The rijksmuseum and fountain with the museum market around
  • Sunday 10 - 18
  • Free!
  • Oud-Zuid

Every third Sunday, one of the most beautiful green spaces in Amsterdam transforms itself into a buzzing market. It’s the best place in the city to buy art, and to meet the designers creating it. There are food trucks adding their culinary voice to the choir, and plenty of grass to soak up the good vibes.

Seafood bar cruise

People on a boat in the sun, having fun and eating oysters and drinking beer
  • Sunday 15 - 21
  • 20
  • Centrum

What better way to round off the weekend than an afternoon on board a ship, G&T in one hand, Oyster in the other. Both are well known hangover cures – though the scientific jury’s still out as far as hair of the dog is concerned. Tickets can be found here from €10, and an Oyster will only set you back €1.

ARTIS Zomeravond

A beautiful summer evening in a garden at the ARTIS, with people picnicking on the grass beneath trees
  • Sunday 10 - 18
  • Free!
  • Oud-Zuid

This Saturday evening, ARTIS opens its doors to let you watch the afternoon turn to evening, to night, with music from Dry Riverbed Trio. There are workshops to suit all ages, including yoga, art with leaves, and gardening.

Burgers and Beach Party

Burgers and Beer Festival
  • Sunday 13-23
  • 6.50
  • Zuid-Oost

Dok Amsterdam, the beach venue of Zuid, just reopened its doors and are making an impact with an exciting program of music and food. This week they’re hosting a party dedicated to the not-so-humble burger, with all the trimmings of beer, cocktails, and DJ’s serenading you on this new city beach.

Gebrouwen Door Vrouwen

Two women brewing beer, promo material for a bar event
  • Saturday 16 - 03
  • Free!
  • Oud-West

Rarely is a fourth birthday so well supplied with good booze. Gebrouwen door vrouwen are turning four this weekend, and celebrating their seniority at their bar in Oud-West. Usher in their fifth year with felicitations and a (very) happy hour between 16 and 17. Stick around for dancing from 21.  

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