What’s on in Amsterdam? August, week #3

What’s on in Amsterdam? August, week #3

Amsterdam 16th - 18th August

We’ve all had enough of this abysmal weather getting hurled down on us from above. But with clouds come silver linings. As the sun peeps through the cracks, these little gems are just being set up. There’s food, there’s dancing, and there’s music floating its way along the canals. Read on find out what’s on in Amsterdam this 3rd week of August and plan your weekend like a boss.

Hasta la Pasta!

  • Friday 17:00 - 10:30
  • 12+
  • East

“I’d rather eat pasta and drink wine than be a size 0” – Sophia Loren.

As a firm believer in pasta as one of the fundamental pillars of the food pyramid I can only add my support to Sophia Loren’s words. With the…ahem…”summer weather” leaving us in dire need of cheesy carbs and a nice glass of wine, I am excited to promote this mouthwatering event as a top pick for the weekend.

If this introduction speaks volumes to your mood, head down to EAST for pasta “dalla forma”. In this Italian culinary tradition, the cooked pasta is mixed in a giant wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano, giving the pasta a delicious Parmesan jacket.

Pssst: If you’re feeling extra fancy or simply know what’s good in life, you can add some truffle to your pasta to bring it to the next level.

Boozing for Good

  • Friday 18:30
  • 25
  • De Pijp

Did you ever think there was a possibility of feeling proud of yourself for drinking a delicious cocktail? Me neither.

This Friday you can join “Boozing for Good”, a charity popup event for the Female Cancer Foundation. For 25 euros you will not only get two cocktails of your choosing and delicious bar bites but also an education about the Female Cancer Foundation. Clear conscience guaranteed. Clear head doubtful.

Grachtenfestival Amsterdam

  • Saturday 21:00 - 23:00
  • Free!
  • Centurm

The Grachtenfestival or “Canal Festival” is an annual event held around the canals of Amsterdam. The historic canal belt of Amsterdam, a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2010, hosts the ten-day festival of classical music. They have various stages at beautiful locations distributed around and even on the water.

One of the main events within the Grachtenfestival is the Prinsengracht Concert. This concert at the canal by the Pulitzer hotel draws in huge crowds each year and is broadcasted on live TV. The music is performed on a floating pontoon, while the audience listens from boats or the canalside

The event is completely free but its best to show up early if you want to have a good spot to enjoy the beautiful live music.

Pure Markt

  • Sunday 11:00 - 18:00
  • Free!
  • Amsterdamse Bos

“Our market is a place to explore, discover, taste and learn about all the different foods of Holland”

And there was me thinking it was just Kaassouffles and Bitterballen…

They’ve got everything from Gouda Cheese and Surinamese Roti, Chicken Pie to Oysters. From the most delicate to the most eclectic palates, you’ll leave feeling full and happy. The organic beer goes down a treat in the beautiful forest on the borders of Amsterdam.

Already had lunch? Not to worry! Plenty of the food stands offer things to take away. The pros among you will stock up their fridges and eat like kings for the rest of the week.

Oosterpark Picknick Concerten

  • Sunday 11:00 - 15:00
  • Free!
  • East

Imagine a lovely summer Sunday in one of Amsterdams’ liveliest parks, and then add live music.

If that sounds like the perfect way to spend your free weekend, check out the “Picknick Concerts” at Oosterpark. The event includes musical workshops for Adults and children, followed by a concert and a youth talent competition.

If you would like to have special seats within the dome you can reserve these for 10 euros online or join us commoners outside of the dome for fantastic live music for free. 

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