Kick off party at CREA

Kick off party at CREA

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Botanic + friends at CREA

The Authentic Days team love all sorts of activities. But one we all have in common is meeting new friends and bonding with old ones over live music and beers. We were keen to bring attention to all the awesome events we’re putting on at AD. So we got some of the best up and coming musicians together, and invited all our friends round to CREA to listen to their sounds. The kick off party at the gezellig and intimate CREA Cafe was the result. Here’s what happened.

People having fun at CREA party with botanic + friends


Elson Veelooper at CREA DJing

Elson Veelooper relocated from Portugal to Amsterdam 6 years ago, and has remained dedicated to the decks. Veelooper imports Portuguese vibes and fuses them with the Dutch capital’s vibrant music scene.

He kicked off at the start of the event to get us all warmed up. Half an hour in, people sitting at tables outside began to be drawn in to the warm brassy house sounds emanating from his decks. By the end of his slot, the dance floor was well warmed and feet were moving. You can check out his stuff on Soundcloud, Mixcloud, and keep up to date with his gigs by following his Facebook page.


Ko Dudde Singing and playing guitar live

KO DUDDE took on the room with nothing more than her guitar and her voice. Within four bars of her first song, people leaned in, smiles appeared, and shoulders started to turn to her melodies.

Though she brings the ideal combination of consummate guitar and flawless vocals, she’s not your average singer songwriter. We swayed our way through her own compositions, delighting in the heartfelt lyrics and shifts in pace. She rounded off with something between improv and music. Asking the crowd for a strange picture or metaphor from our imagination, she produced a short song, off the cuff. The armadillo in the snow still sticks in my head and my heart. Cheers KO DUDDE! Check out her stuff here.


Botanic guitarist and basist playing on stage

We’ve all been to gigs played at by friends of friends in their indie/rock outfit. We rarely come across those like Botanic. The quintet play a daring, genre defying sound, loosely relatable as trap beats, blues rhythms, and heavy guitar. It is surprising, moving, and energising, sometimes melancholic, sometimes joyful.

Botanic are just about to release their first album. They gave us a sneak peek at their eclectic range of music with admirable skill. Yet, dedication to their craft didn’t limit their ability to express their personalities on stage. The apt combination of rousing rhythm and silliness brought the crowd forth and got even the most sticky feet moving. You can check them out on Spotify, or keep up to date with their movements via their Facebook page.

PS – stay tuned for their first album launch party!


Incognegro DJing

It was never going to be easy following Botanic. But Incognegro smashed it. Based in Manchester, this DJ feels at home wherever he can spin some tracks. Before long he broke through the fourth wall and was dancing along with the crowd. A mix of funk, soul, hip hop and RnB, somehow merged itself into a set, seamlessly executed, and much enjoyed into the small hours. Only when the venue put their foot down and told us we all needed to go home did he reluctantly step away from the decks. 

A big boost for Authentic Days

Authentic days team polaroid picture

We wandered round with our polaroid and snapped pictures of people dancing. The team talked about the app and the events we’re putting on, and passed around a cheeky beer token here and there.

We learned a lot from the event and gained some valuable feedback about the platform. Our priority is sensitivity to people’s opinions, so that we can craft a concept and a user experience around our customers. 

To all the musicians who so kindly joined us in the fun and entertained us all night with their art, we are so happy you were a part of our event. The beer was flowing, the lights were shining, and everyone’s eyes were sparkling.

If you want to see more events like this, join in to others, or even create your own, sign up to the platform here.

For a little more info on who we are and what we’re about, there’s a nice little post here

Hope to catch you at an event soon! Watch this space for our continuously developing platform. 

Much love from all at the AD team!

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