Get in the Ring Startup Competition

Get in the Ring Startup Competition

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Get in the Ring Competition

This month, we attended the global startup competition, Get in the Ring. We were joined by like-minded startups that share our vision to bring innovative solutions to the world. Get in the Ring connects startups to opportunities, whether it’s investment or human capital. In a nutshell, it opens a lot of doors for startups. We’ve met experts, investors, entrepreneurs, and other startups and it was truly inspiring!

The event was packed with interesting activities: the workshop gave us super useful insights into the tech industry, we talked with very experienced entrepreneurs, and gathered some valuable feedback regarding our core business ideas. We got inspired and met some awesome people. Oh, and the burgers were good too… 😉

Pitching our Startup

Then came pitching time! 3 pairs of startups got in the ring to pitch their ideas. The vibes were somewhat gladiatorial… The audience also got to pick their favourite by voting with glow sticks. Yes, the Force was with us. The inventions these guys came up with were just amazing. From a pillow that helps elderly people with dementia recover memories of their childhood (Kozie), to clothing made using a special material that’s stink and stain proof (LABFRESH), to using AI for building personalised pricing (Convious). Just wow! We were so impressed by the ideas that people like us are coming up with. It gave us a huge boost to be there and to share ideas and experiences with these awesome innovators.

The Grand Prize

We went home with chocolate coins, best practices on collaborative end-user platform development and some pretty amazing ideas. Amazing ideas that could be implemented for our platform! The Authentic Days app will be ready before you know it. So, stay tuned Travellers and Local Heroes, because soon we’ll be telling you about our experience in the ring. 

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