Christmas & New Year in Amsterdam

Christmas & New Year in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, December 20th - January 3rd

Iiiiiiiits CHRISTMAS! Which is why I am respectfully asking you to hit play on the video below and keep it looping for however long it takes you to read this post. Oh and it will also help if you imagine New York stayed being called New Amsterdam. Have a look what’s on over Christmas & New Year in Amsterdam.

Kerstborrel @ Westergas

  • December 20th 16:00-23:00
  • Free!
  • Westerpark

Begin the festivities in classic Mokum style. There’s all you could want at the hub where old industry meets Christmas cheer. Food, drink, a market, a Christmas choir, and plenty of DJs to keep you moving. Whether you’re there for a cheeky boogie or to hare around trying to find last minute pressies, the borrel like no other will keep you happy. 

Kerstmarkt @ Dok

  • 21st-22nd 13:00-21:00
  • Free!
  • Omval

And if you can’t make Westergas Borrel, you’ve got two more chances of catching a proper Christmas market. 

Dok have carefully curated their stalls to ensure that it’s only the best craftspeople who showcase their trades here. You’ll find all sorts of special things you wouldn’t see in shops. Handmade, rustic, and artisan – perfect to get that unique gift if you need a make the change from buying socks every year. 

Sunday Sessions - FJ González Torres

  • 22nd 18:00-19:30
  • Free!
  • West

First, allow me to apologise for my inconsistency, but would you kindly pause Fairytale of New York and hit play on this track.

I’ll let you have a little listen.

For those who couldn’t tear themselves away from the Christmas cheer, FJ González Torres kills it on the guitar. There’s a feel of blues and soul and jazz, with a distinctive strength and character. You can hear both his roots in Tenerife and his musical development in Scotland.

Go hear him live for the princely sum of €0. Reserve your free ticket here.

Fondue in Wonderland

  • 26th 18:00-23:00
  • 25
  • Centrum

Who likes a challenge? Who likes a nice craft beer or gluhwijn? Who likes to combine two items of a list into one? Who likes a never-ending list of rhetorical questions? 

If you answered yes to the above, you should sort yourself a ticket. For €25 you get cheese fondue, charcuterie and veg, plus unlimited craft beer and gluhwijn for precisely 90 minutes from arrival. 

Challenge accepted! The more you drink, the cheaper it gets… Sort of.

Tickets here.

San Proper @ Radio Radio

San Proper Radio Radio
  • 28th 20:00-03:00
  • 5
  • Westerpark

Look at that sexy beast. He wants you to come and dance. Do you really have a choice?

Check out San Proper’s eclectic range from thumping bangers to quirky curveballs at Radio Radio. Just €5. Check out his stuff here.

Amstel Ice Swim

Amstel Ice Swim
  • Sunday 20:00 - 22:00
  • Free!
  • West

If you took my challenge a little too seriously and still happen to be feeling a mixture of cheese and beer hangover, I’ve got just the cure.

The magic combo of exercise, cold water, and general suffering works wonders to assuage guilt. In fact, once you’re in, swimming in cold water is pretty awesome, at least for a couple of minutes.

So if you’re a budding Wim Hof, sign up and have a little gander in the Amstel. There’s a heated changing room and a restaurant serving warm drinks just nearby.

New Years Eve @ RADION

New Years Eve Radion
  • 31st 22:00 - ???
  • 36
  • West

New Year in Amsterdam… Expect a lot of fireworks in every direction, cafes full to bursting point, and a whole lot of confusion and crowds. 

Take it or leave it! It’s an adventure one way or another. If you fancy sorting a night out, it’s well worth considering Radion. It’s a big friendly space over in West. Two of their rooms are basically big staircases which gives you the illusion of being in a very lively theatre, and there’s a nice spacious smoking area outside. Make sure you don’t miss Orpheu The Wizard‘s set.

End point is discretionary – dance at your peril!

Get your tickets here.

Breakfast Club is Burning @ Warehouse Elementenstraat

Breakfast club is burning
  • 1st January 08:00-18:00
  • 30
  • Westerpark

You know things are odd when you get up earlier to go to a club than you do to go to work. Either that or you pull on through and head straight there from your NYE celebrations. 

True to its name, these guys provide you with a free breakfast buffet! How generous. What percentage of its patrons partake I wonder…

Elementenstraat is a special venue that’s only open from time to time – a mix of diy warehouse and urban chic. Visuals are usually a highlight. Get your tickets ASAP as they’re almost sold out.

New Years Show @ Melkweg

Melkweg Amsterdam
  • 3rd Jan 19:00-23:00
  • Free!
  • Centrum

A celebration of the best up and coming Dutch musicians. Perfect if the previous 2 weeks of constant celebration hasn’t already left you stony faced and irritable. 

Here’s a chilled one for you. Have a drink and a little boogie and scout out some of the new talent in the pipeline. 

Lineup as follows:

Sterre Weldring

Josephine Odhil
Real Derek
Sterre Nacca & CRZE
Ben Forte

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