Best of our Activities in Amsterdam

Best of our Activities in Amsterdam

Join in and meet new people in Amsterdam

Here are our top picks for the best activities in Amsterdam for the next couple of weeks. Whether you’ve recently moved here or just fancy meeting people from outside your circle, whether you want to exercise or chill, party or play, there’s something for you here. Check it out, see what takes your fancy, then join the event via our app to discuss details with the group.

Still scratching your head about how it all works? Check out our nice little guide right here!

Watching Shitfaced Shakespeare - Two Gentlemen of Verona 29/08

Shakespeare with beer

What happens when you combine Shakespeare with beer? Based on the last couple shows from this theatre company, a lot of pissed actors, some short and sweet performances of the bard’s nicher works, and astoundingly tight dialogue. They have no director, only one short rehearsal, and a caseful of beer before it’s time to get on stage. There’s a group heading there this Friday, 29th August, to get some drinks beforehand and seats together. Whether you’ve seen Shakespeare all the way down to Henry VIII or you think Hamlet is a type of sandwich, all are welcome. Let them know to expect you and see what happens.

Hannekes Nazomerfeest - 30/08

Hannekes Boom by the river with people drinking and boats

We’re heading down to check out the Hannekes Boom end of summer festival on Friday evening. It’s totally free, and we’ll just be having some beers and listening to the DJs by the water. Couple coming already, join the crew, and say a toast to the last days of August. 

Beach Volleyball - 29/08, 5/09

People playing beach volleyball in the sun, spiking the ball over the net

Get ready for our fourfth and fifth instalments of our very popular – and a little bit silly – beach volleyball event. We meet by the UvA Science Park gym in the afternoon, and play until we’d all rather a cold beer than any more exercise. Be prepared for some beautifully missed spikes, audacious but ultimately fruitless dives, and a bit of jogging to reclaim a runaway ball. This is happening on 29th August, and on 5th September. Be aware spots fill up fast so sign up to avoid disappointment!

Dance for Sinchi, 31/08

Sinchi w/ Scha Funke Event poster

Ever wondered how you could go on a night out, get shitfaced at the bar, and somehow help protect the rights of indigenous people around the world? 

Wonder no more! 

The Sinchi Foundation works to uphold the UN Declaration on the rights of Indigenous Peoples. All proceeds go to the foundation, plus 10% of total bar turnover (cheers Noorderlicht!). A few of us are meeting up to go have a little boogie to Sacha Funke in everybody’s favourite greenhouse in Noord. It’s happening this Saturday 31st August. We’re meeting beforehand in Pllek by the firepit to get to know each other before thumping bass makes conversation impossible, then wandering over to Noorderlicht around 23:00 so we can get door tickets.

Let us know you’re coming!

Dam Improv Jam 3/09


Want to get on stage more? Here’s the perfect chance! Tag Out Theatre is hosting their monthly improv session. It’s a whole night dedicated to you – be spontaneous! Whether you’re a newbie or long-time veteran, you’ll get to see your favourite improv games in action and/or play them onstage yourself. Every “jam” has a theme and style of game we’ll focus on, but there will be open play chances as well.

This month’s theme? The environment! Now how will that pan out? Join us and find out. We’ll start each jam with a quick refresher of the games that fit the theme. After that, the jam kicks off for real. We look forward to seeing you there! Deets on the app.

Beer Pong! 4/09

Perhaps the all-time greatest drinking game, we all know and love a good round of beer pong. After a fantastic first tournament earlier this month, we’re back and better than ever with an all-new competitive spirit fueling our hearts – plus a healthy dose of Dutch courage… While Marcela proved to display an incredible bout of beginner’s luck, Alex suffered a tremendous loss of only scoring a singular point for her team. Will the tables turn? Join us and find out! We’ll be meeting at Cafe Parck in Oud-West. More deets on the app.

Huiskamer Session 002 - De Ruimte, 13/09

Huiskamer Poster with brown triangle and writing

These guys are pretty new on the block. They’ve invited a group of AD users to come along to their second event. DJs and dancing at De Ruimte in Amsterdam Noord. It’s a quirky little venue that makes for a great intimate vibe to say a fond farewell to the festival season. We’ll meet for drinks beforehand and head there an hour or two in. Come join the discussion and we’ll talk strategy!

Pokemon Go, 24/09

Pokemon go

Augment your reality and relive childhood memories by taking part in this Pokemon Go! hangout. What’s your favourite Pokemon? Eevee is mine. Get out there and go catch them all in the real world! We’ll be gathering forces near IJberg early evening and will set off when everyone’s arrived. Selfies with the Pokemon are encouraged. Falling in the canals in search of Blastoise is not. As always, drinks afterwards for all who fancy it. Join the discussion here. 

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