An Awesome Evening in Sao Paulo

An Awesome Evening in Sao Paulo

Local Hero - Gabrielle

I am Gabriele, one of the Authentic Days locals in Sao Paulo, and I would like to share with you a bit about me and my most recent experience with travellers.

I am a 20 year-old Foreign Trade student, music lover (even though I don’t play any instruments), “not awful” dancer, family girl, animal lover, working part time at the family business and when I have some time left, avid reader of fiction and romance books. One of my greatest pleasures in life is to meet foreigners, know different cultures and hear stories from different places and life experiences.

An Awesome Evening in Sao Paulo

The Community

Through Authentic Days community, I had the chance to meet Katya, an awesome Russian girl, who’s currently living in Netherlands and her boyfriend Lucas, a Brazilian guy from Minas Gerais whose mother makes some awesome candies. We met at the subway station and were headed to a cool local Forró venue (a typical Brazilian music style) famous for its concerts and dancing lessons (and we went for it!!!). With the little experience I had, I managed to do pretty well at the Forró beginners group, but Katya and Lucas decided to go for the intermediate group, since Katya had taken Salsa lessons already, and I dare to say she was doing better than me at the dancing thing! We had a great time there!

The Evening

Afterwards, when the lesson ended we walked around the Vila Madalena area and found a charming bar amongst the many nice bars and pubs from that neighbourhood. It was awesome to see the city I was raised so full of life at night, pubs crowded, music everywhere, people having fun. I was proud of showing this part of the city and the local nightlife to them. We had some delicious drinks and talked about interesting things, about Brazil and our culture.

To sum up, it was an amazing experience, to me, and to them. We danced, walked a lot, met new places, got to know some of the nightlife places that São Paulo has to offer, and at last but not least, shared experiences that will stay with us forever! Hope I can travel to Russia or the Netherlands (or wherever they are living in the future!) and have Katya and Lucas as my locals.

Cheers to you,

Authentic Days Local in Sao Paulo

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