All about Authentic Days

All about Authentic Days

Another social platform eh?

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We get it – we’re all swamped pretty much every day with new ways to waste time on our phones. It can get a bit much. That’s especially true when we’re all starting to wake up to the concerning effects of excessive screen time. Look around you: how many people are sitting on their phones? How many screens do you see? When was the last time you spoke to a stranger? 

Technology which promises to bring us together has pushed us apart. Whilst it eliminates restrictions of time and distance, it makes us to ignore the people right next to us. Communities based on neighbourhoods get replaced by online communities. Things move faster than ever, and it becomes increasingly rare to have a proper conversation, face to face, without online interruptions. The giants of social media occasionally make some feeble efforts to address these problems, but realistically, almost the entirety of their revenue stream derives from keeping people online as much as possible.

We’re different. 

What's different about Authentic Days?

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Where other platforms are all about the online connections, what we care most about is bringing people together offline. The platform is just a vehicle for those real world meetings to happen. The possibilities are limitless. When people come face to face with each other, that is truly when you make friends, exchange ideas, and learn more about yourself and the city you live in. 

What is Authentic Days?

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Fair question. Authentic Days is a platform for events and activities happening around Amsterdam. More than that, it is a community. Our community is made up of people who create and host events, people who join the events as participants, and businesses who provide all sorts things (venues, supplies, professionals) to make the events special.

The platform is perfect for those who want to meet new people, to try out a new hobby, or to share something they’re passionate about with others in Amsterdam. The events can be anything – the only limit is your imagination. Be as straight-laced or as weird as you like – there are other people who want to get on board with it. Trust us.

How does it work?

How the Authentic Days App works, held in hand on mobile phone

First off, you create an account here. It’s totally free and takes less than 5 minutes. You can now swipe through activities and join the ones that take your fancy. You can also create your own activities and wait for joiners to roll in. 

The group chat feature allows you to communicate with everyone before the event happens, and you can also display the activities on a map if you’re looking for something spontaneous nearby. 

Our algorithm suggests activities based on your mood. Just adjust the bars on the left hand side depending how you’re feeling, and see what pops up. The rest is up to you guys, go join in at the time and place and see what happens!

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